Various Uses Of A Curtain And Its Types

A curtain can also be known as a drape. This word is mainly used in the United States.  A curtain is a piece of garment or cloth that is used in order to obscure light. In some places curtains are also used to block the light from entering a space. If it is a shower curtain, this type is used to block the water.  In movies theatres and some other places, a drape or a curtain is used as a moveable screen that is used in order to separate the area of auditorium from the stage. This can also serve as a backdrop sometimes. When the curtains are hung over a door way, they are known as portieres. The major use of a curtain is to block light from entering a room. The curtains are hung on the inside of the building for this purpose. They are most commonly used during night times to create darkness in the room that will help a person in falling asleep. Curtains also give privacy for people by not letting light pass out of a building, so the people outside cannot see what is going on the other side of a curtain. This is where a curtain is called a drapery.

Alternative ways to use a curtain

Once a curtain is bought, they can be used for a number of other purposes when they are no longer useful as a curtain or if they become old. Curtains always help in aiding and bringing style to any homes. A curtain can be used as a bed canopy. For a little girl, it is always a dream to have a princess bed. When a curtain is used as a canopy, it will give the feel of a princess bed to any ordinary bed. They are also ideal for transforming any master bedrooms and giving a dreamy look and feel to it. Good cheap curtains Singapore are available in a number of stores in the market. Sometimes drapes are also used by famous waterproofing Singapore to hide away the unnecessary attachments that will give an odd feel to the room. Curtains can also be used in creating partitions within a room and giving a private space for people if needed.

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